New Year - New You

What NEW means for your fundraising campaign.

“New Year, New Me.”

New doesn’t have to just apply to New Year's resolutions. Technology is a fairly new component on the fundraising scene and is having a massive impact on total funds raised. Technology can give your fundraising campaign an innovative edge, assists all aspects of the reporting process and makes spreading the word about your campaign easier than ever.

Here at Funding Change, we are putting a ‘new’ spin on an ‘old’ way to fundraise. We’re eliminating the need to print paper tickets for 50/50 raffles and prize draws and providing you a simple way to fundraise, online.

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1) Innovative - Old is new again with the elimination of paper tickets. No more waiting for printers, carrying around booklets of tickets or worrying about folks losing theirs. Everything is online, recoverable and paper-free!

2) Reporting - All sales are tracked in real time and reports can be generated at the click of a button.

3) Sharing your campaign - It’s never been easier to send your fundraiser to supporters. Copy a link, paste it into a text, tweet or email and hit send! Fans are instantly turned into fundraisers when they purchase draw tickets online, right from their phone or computer!

Not only is the Funding Change online draw system an innovative way to share your fundraising campaign, it’s FREE to set up! New is exciting and Funding Change will have a positive impact on your fundraising campaign.

Get in touch with us today to find out how we put a new spin on your fundraising campaign!

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