3 Ways Changes in Technology Positively Impact Fundraising

Change can be scary... but it doesn't have to be!

Fundraising is hard work and you deserve big results.

Technology is advancing at an alarming rate and making the ‘old way’ to do things easier, more convenient and more accessible. Raffles are an ‘old way’ to fundraise that we have brought into the 21st century with our Online Raffle Platform. There are a number of benefits to utilizing this technology that your organization can benefit from today, here are three major ones:

1) Save Time and Trees!
Setting up your raffle has never been quicker and ensuring you have the draw details handy will expedite your setup. Start with building your raffle on our website and our platform will generate you a ‘Next Step’ guide to filling out documentation needed by your provincial governing body. Reporting is easily retrievable from your online dashboard, freeing up both administrative time and physical storage space. No more keeping garbage bags of paper tickets for years in your office closet!

2) Tell Your Fans - Near and Far!
When purchasers can buy tickets online, it is easy to ‘copy’ then ‘paste’ your raffle’s unique URL into texts, tweets and emails. No more canvassing door to door in when it’s cold outside, asking your fans to retweet or forward your message makes spreading the word a piece of cake!

3) Keep in Touch with your Supporters!
When a ticket is purchased through your customized raffle page, purchasers have the opportunity to ‘opt-in’ for future communication from your organization. This allows you to contact them again to share future initiatives and opportunities to get involved and support your cause.

The new, ‘old way’ to fundraise will save you time, space and headaches! Creating an online raffle account is free, so there is no risk! The only thing you have to lose is funds raised. Don't get left behind.

We would love to set you up for success - talk to one of our friendly representatives today.


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