Online Raffles? Maybe you have some questions.  

Setting up an online raffle can sound daunting, but we work smart to make your fundraising campaign simple. Our platform does most of the work for you! 😉

Set up. 
Random Draws.

Let's work together to build a great online fundraiser.  

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Email tickets

The system will automatically email tickets to buyers. Yup, most of them opt-in for future communication too. Raise funds and grow your list! 


SEO Optimized

If ticket buyers search, they'll find the raffle site. Even better than that we've made it easy to share via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Text and email too! They are one click away from buying tickets. 


Fully Customizable

Brand the site with your logo; change the button colours; add descriptions and pictures. Fits your campaign perfectly. 


A / B Tested

The site has been refined for the last few years to give everyone the smoothest possible experience. The site also gets tested by independent labs to make sure we meet your jurisdictions technical standards. And yes, we are certified too! 


Award Winning

This year we were humbled to be given the 'Rising Star' award by our local Chamber of Commerce. Yay! 

In 15 minutes, we'll help build a raffle right in front of your eyes! 

We believe that our system has been set up to really make life easier for non-profits to dive right in. But we'd love to walk and talk with you through the first one, to lighten your load. No pressure to actually launch it! Goodness. But hey, once we're done you may just want to. 


Click on the day and time that works best for you. 


Can't wait to get started. 

Way less work than any other raffle we've done. No tickets …and draws with the click of a button. Our team was thrilled at how easy it was!

Jennifer Glen

United Way of Winnipeg


Do Less Work. Raise More Funds. 

We're keenly aware that non-profits have really important work to do: Changing lives. 

This drives us and helps motivate our focus: To lighten their load. 

Oh, and I keep forgetting to mention, its free! That's right, we've taken the risk right out of the process by only charging a small fee from ticket sales after the raffle is live.   

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