3 Budget-Friendly Ways to Add Meaning to Your Holiday Traditions

Holiday traditions that won't break the bank and will warm your heart.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!- but have we lost the true meaning of the holidays? If you’d like to kick materialism to the curb to focus on what matters most, check out these three tips:

1) Shop Local

There are plenty of holiday markets taking place this time of year stocked full of unique wares from local makers. Browsing these markets and popping by local shops allows you to connect with your community, spend time with your loved ones and strengthen your local economy. How about that for bang for your buck!


2) Volunteer Your Time with Loved Ones

There is a surge in volunteerism this time of year but the holidays also boasts holiday-specific charity campaigns. Delivering holiday hampers to families in need, organize a coat drive or participate in a shelter dog ‘stay-cation’! There are a number of creative ways to spread holiday cheer!


3) Pay it Forward

Let someone go in front of you in line in the grocery store, buy a coffee or warm drink anonymously, shovel your neighbour’s walkway - there are countless ways to pay it forward and add a little sparkle to a stranger’s day!


*Bonus Tip*

Not all gift wrapping is recyclable! Zero Waste Canada, a Vancouver-based advocacy group, estimates each Canadian tosses about 50 kilograms of garbage over the holidays, 25% more than the rest of the year, thanks to the purchase of 3,000 tonnes of foil, 2.6 billion Christmas cards and six millions rolls of tape.

Most wrapping paper, tape, and ribbon can’t be recycled. Some cities, like Toronto, will recycle plain paper gift wrap but anything with glitter, velvet or foil cannot. City of Winnipeg Waste Diversion says Winnipeg doesn’t accept any wrapping paper at all for recycling, the dyes used on wrapping paper are too intense and too costly to remove to be properly refurbished.

To decrease your waste this holiday season, try wrapping presents in old newspaper! A great way to refurbish the ad bags and flyers you have building up on your porch…

Happy Holidays!

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