Forward Podcast: Alyson Shane - Vote Open and Starling Social

October 25, 2018

"Why Not Winnipeg?"

Today we are joined by Alyson Shane; a writer, digital marketer, business owner and member of the Coalition for Portage & Main - Vote Open.

We dove into some of the top issues surrounding the opening of Portage and Main:

1) Why was Portage and Main closed, to begin with, and why did it remain closed after all these years?

2) Opening Portage and Main will slow my commute to an unbearable crawl.

3) It’s going to cost A LOT- this money could be spent elsewhere.

4) It will ruin businesses in the underground.

5) There is no benefit to opening this intersection.

Tune in to find out her responses. Please feel free to reach out with your opinions! We would love to hear from you.

Additional resources:
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You can find Alyson online: @alysonshane on Instagram and Twitter or on her Blog.

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